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The phantom punch

On this day fifty years ago. Ali vs Liston in Lewiston, Maine. (Photo by Neil Leifer) I just watched  the fight again – all one round of it — and still couldn’t figure out what happened. Richard Williams looks back on … Continue reading

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Perfect way to spend a Sunday

An at-home jam session in New Orleans, courtesy of  Leyla McCalla and her pals.  Life-affirming, to say the least.

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Toughest comedy gig ever?

Definitely an uphill battle. From Steve Martin’s superb memoir, “Born Standing Up”.

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B.B. King RIP

I hope “Midnight Believer” gets a mention in the obituaries: it’s a bafflingly under-rated album — too glossy for purist tastes, perhaps, but full of gorgeous tunes and funky arrangements. “When It All Comes Down” is the opening track. Many … Continue reading

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Propaganda: English novels are banned of course, but there are books by A.J. Cronin in every shop window. He’s Scottish and exposes shortcomings of social and public services in England. Victor Klemperer, diary, 4th April 1944.

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Little Stevie is 65

I still can’t quite believe it.   The first album of his that I bought was “Music of My Mind”, purchased with my school holiday earnings in Littlewoods department store.  The opening track hardly ever gets played nowadays. I have … Continue reading

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Günter Grass RIP

From the closing pages of his memoir, “Peeling the Onion” PS: And then, of course,  there was the young man who wore a uniform a decade earlier:  “The moral blindness of Gunter Grass” This NYT piece by Grass’s friend, John … Continue reading

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One to the heart

Remember her name. My album of the week in today’s Sunday Times [£]:  Indra Rios-Moore’s “Heartland”.

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How to be a pundit

From Oliver Burkeman’s interview with David Brooks, Obama’s favourite conservative and occupant of one of the uppermost perches at New York Times: Thus Brooks mounted the treadmill of finding two opinions per week to air in the nation’s most influential … Continue reading

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Sathnam Sanghera [£] on the Oxbridge tutorial and the art of blagging: Though, of course, the third and most serious problem with the Oxbridge tutorial system is that it does not nurture intelligence as much as teach people how to act … Continue reading

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