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Selling Sergio Leone

“Play Me the Song of Death”. East German poster for “Once Upon A Time in the West”. [Via @HistoryNed]

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Will the robots eat our jobs?

 Intelligence Squared are playing host to Walter Isaacson & Co in Westminster tonight, debating whether the age of automation is going to liberate us or wipe out whole professions. (£30 seems a lot to charge for a ticket, but maybe … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Rio de Janeiro

  450 today. Instead of cake,  some music: Eliane Elias meets Gilberto Gil.

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Why the laptop computer is unlikely to catch on

“It would be much simpler to take home a few floppy disks tucked into an attache case.”  In 1985 The New York Times announces that a recent invention is struggling to find users: The limitations come from what people actually … Continue reading

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Does London need a new concert hall?

For classical music, that is. I can see why the Albert Hall is less than ideal — I’ve had many an awkward night there myself, even though I love the look of the place — but is it really necessary … Continue reading

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Regent Street, last night

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In reality, everyone was simply searching for an excuse to look away from the crimes all around.  Soon a growing indifference began to spread even among declared opponents of Hitler. To a not inconsiderable degree it could be put down … Continue reading

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Frank Sinatra at his best … & worst

  “Sinatra gets harder to appreciate the more you know about him,” says Philip Collins in today’s Times [£]. He tells an old Vegas story about the comedian Jackie Mason, who, back in the 1960s, was reckless enough to treat his … Continue reading

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Photos by Milton Greene, 1953. Via @RPanh.

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A brief history of “mistakes were made”

James Fallows ponders those weasel words.

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