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Creole Love Call

The brilliant Leyla McCalla, sometime member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, digs into her Haitian roots on a number from “Vari-Colored Songs”, one of my favourite recordings of 2013.

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Scott Fitzgerald (Katy dos Passos told me this). Man who wrote that he modeled his life on Scott and his writings. Didn’t come to dinner and they waited for him till ten-thirty, when he appeared, absolutely plastered, said Mishter-Fishgerald-Thishishhonour! and … Continue reading

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The next generation

Israeli children playing by the cement protection walls around the kindergarten in Kibbutz Nahal Oz. [Photo: Menahem Kahana/AFP]

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Trying to talk, trying to listen

One reason I hardly ever eat out in London – apart from the cost – is that I can’t remember the last time I sat in a restaurant that wasn’t unbearably noisy.  (Actually, yes I can –  The Gay Hussar … Continue reading

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Waiting for Tony Bennett

Royal Festival Hall, last night.

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“The orange one sold last year at auction for more than $58 million.” On the inexplicable appeal of  Jeff Koons. (I still say Tony Hancock’s “The Rebel” had the last word on all that.) There was a time when walking was … Continue reading

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3rd September 1939

From the closing pages of Stefan Zweig’s “The World of  Yesterday”: It was a strange morning. We retreated in silence from the radio… I went into my room and packed my things in a small suitcase. If what a highly placed … Continue reading

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Road wallah

One of Dougie Wallace’s superb photos of drivers of Mumbai’s vintage taxis.

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He was one of the cleverest of men, but also one of the least empathetic. He was as ruthless and selfish as a baby. “He is a child,” wrote the French novelist, René Boylesve, “he gives himself away with a … Continue reading

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If you only buy one folk album this year

Make it this one.

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