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Jogo bonito

The elevated highway in São Paulo that’s closed on Sundays to allow people to play the beautiful game. From Christopher Pillitz’s superb set of photos on football in Brazil.

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In search of John Updike

“He began as a prodigy… and he somehow remained one.”  Louis Menand reviews Adam Begley’s new biography: Like many people who grew up in straitened circumstances in the nineteen-thirties and became financially comfortable in the decades after the war, Updike had … Continue reading

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Before the congestion charge

Piccadilly, c 1900. [Via @skintlondon @theretronaut]

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The jokes of Bob Dylan

“Nice to be here. One of my early girlfriends was from Milwaukee. She was an artist. She gave me the brush-off.” And lots more of that ilk from the man himself. You see, everything turns up on the Internet sooner or later. … Continue reading

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  We made the film and went off to preview it in St Louis. As much as I loved the comedy in the movie, my favourite moment was when Bernadette Peters and I sang a simple song on a beach, … Continue reading

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I try to avoid the I-word wherever possible, but sometimes it’s the only one that fits… Marcello Mastroianni graces this year’s Cannes Film Festival poster.

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Swinging it & winning it

My Sunday Times feature [£] on how Curtis Stigers, pop pin-up of yesteryear, has confounded the cynics and reinvented himself as one of the best jazzers around: Over the past half-century, jazz has slowly turned itself into art music, which … Continue reading

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Cape Verde vision

  “Ilha de Santiago” from Mayra Andrade’s new release “Lovely Difficult”, my Sunday Times album of the week [£]. “The island of Santiago/Has a cotton corset/A rope-tied cotton skirt/A pair of spinning top ear-rings…”

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I firmly believe that it is impossible to speak about music. There have been many definitions of music which have, in fact, merely described a subjective reaction to it. The only really precise and objective definition for me is by … Continue reading

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