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The cure for the Monday morning blues

Always works for me. And almost certainly the only pop song with cameos from Nietzsche, Goya, Cleopatra and Demosthenes.

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Boris Johnson, history man

Writing a biography of Churchill is the next step in his campaign to convince everyone he’s prime minister material. Richard Evans shakes his head: Anyone who has the time or energy to press a couple of keys on a computer to look … Continue reading

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All in this together

Austerity politics for beginners. Chevy Chase channels George Osborne.

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Stat of the day

More Apple & Android phones have now been sold than all the Japanese cameras ever made. From John Naughton’s reflections on the rise and rise of the smartphone. As he points out, even the tech experts didn’t see this coming: … Continue reading

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That night, exactly forty years ago, I was too nervous – too frightened, really – to appreciate how well Muhammad Ali fought against George Foreman. Like lots of other Ali fans, I’d had a grim feeling that he was going … Continue reading

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From a  series on “romance novelists in Northern Nigeria” at the Lagos Photo Festival.

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Lost peace

Hazrat Ali mosque, Mazar-i-Sharif,  November 2001. The photograph, by James Hill, accompanies Rory Stewart’s NYRB article on a new book detailing the failure of nation-building in Afghanistan.

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Early on, Bose had seen the potential of propaganda directed at British troops fighting with the British – particularly those who were now prisoners of war. With the propaganda literature being churned out by Trott’s department he hoped to bring … Continue reading

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Spirit ceremony in the mountains of Sorte, west of Caracas. Photo: Federico Parra/AFP.

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Facing Ebola in Liberia

“I tell them, “Don’t be afraid.’” An ambulance nurse goes about his daily work in Monrovia. An extraordinary, humbling video dispatch from The New York Times.

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