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I feel sorry for Julian Assange

Imagine getting regular visits from Vivienne Westwood.

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21st century French

Cartoon by Frederick Deligne. Via @claireparisjazz.

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[I]t was a long established rule in Cambridge colleges that wives — especially wives — were banned from High Table. High Table was the preserve of the Fellows who cultivated self-importance with the same exquisite care that lesser mortals might … Continue reading

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Western Wall

The view from the ramp leading to Temple Mount. Men and women praying separately.

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The limits of free speech?

 “He thinks we should never flinch at words, but I don’t think he understands their force.” Galen Strawson reviews Mick Hume’s book, “Trigger Warning”.

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VJ Day, 15 August 1945

From Max Hastings’ history of the war in the Pacific, “Nemesis”.

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What this image doesn’t capture is the sound of the guitarist cranking out Pink Floyd in the middle of the piazza. Rome can sometimes be a little lackadaisical with its treasures…

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He almost changed history

  My Daily Express feature on Georg Elser, the carpenter who came close to assassinating Hitler and who is now the subject of Oliver “Downfall” Hirschbiegel’s excellent film, “13 Minutes”: The Elser we see on film is no dour ideologue or … Continue reading

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“Play it! Play it!”

Coming to the UK in the next few days: Bhi Bhiman. I love his Whiplash parody: HT @RhiannonGiddens

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