Singers on the barricades

It’s safe to say that Nona Hendryx — best remembered from her Labelle days — isn’t a card-carrying member of the Tea Party. Here’s the opening salvo from her new album, out in September.


Ry Cooder is on the political trail too. Time’s Joe Klein went on the road with him recently (video here), and the guitarist’s forthcoming album, “Election Special”, even includes a song inspired by the Trayvon Martin shooting.

“Kool-Aid”: A lament for this guy Zimmerman, and all the many Zimmermans. Too late, they find their masters have given them gun rights and new “Stand Your Ground” lynching laws instead of good paying jobs and secure futures. They drank the Kool-Aid, they really drank it down.

I’m assuming Cooder hasn’t been following the detailed coverage on the Talk Left blog — it may not be as clear-cut a case as he thinks. But we’ll see. I just wish he’d waited until the trial was over.

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