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  Ahmad Jamal, my favourite jazz pianist, rummages through the Radio France vinyl archives. Whenever he’s interviewed he never misses a chance to plug musicians and singers from his native Pittsburgh. Cue Dakota Staton. You can hear the whole thing here. … Continue reading

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Village voice

Since it’s hidden behind the Sunday Times paywall, A.A. Gill’s barbed essay about New York probably won’t stir up as much of a fuss as it deserves. One of things that irritated me during my brief (and very enjoyable) time … Continue reading

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They don’t have to worry about swan-upping this year.

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Minimal rhythm, good & bad

Reviewers who have their doubts over hip-hop usually go out of their way to be polite, so I was glad to see Anthony Quinn speaking his mind about the documentary “Something From Nothing”: On the subject of rap, or hip-hop … Continue reading

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Among the loons

When I blogged for The Spectator I made a point of switching off the comments facility after a week or so.  But does reader feedback always have to be the online equivalent of spell in a padded room? Clay Shirky … Continue reading

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Looking for a pulse

Candace Allen’s comments on music, elites and racism have been stirring a mini-controversy. My review of her new book is in today’s Independent: Candace Allen poses some interesting questions. What is culture? Who sets the rules? And can classical music find a … Continue reading

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More than acquaintances

Work, children, partners and time all conspire to get in the way… The NYT asks why it’s so hard to make friends (real ones, that is, not the Facebook variety) once you get past 30.

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The spirit of Dr Strangelove

If this extraordinary 50s footage hadn’t been posted at NPR’s blog I would have assumed it was a spoof. Or a Stanley Kubrick out-take: It was shot by the U.S. Air Force (at the behest of Col. Arthur B. “Barney” … Continue reading

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Immigration – some obvious thoughts

The excellent Dan Hodges calls for a genuine debate on immigration. Good idea. As my father came here from Jamaica, my wife is what used to be called a “Kenyan Asian”, and our sons are a mix of shades, I … Continue reading

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We’re all narcissists now

All living in our own little worlds… That New Yorker cover is a health warning of sorts.  Say “cheese”. [Via CJR]

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