An evening with Diana Krall

A classy show at the Albert Hall last night. It all started tentatively – the audience took some time to warm to the new material from the “Glad Rag Doll” album (I still can’t warm to that sleeve shot.) But the band created an excellent blend of rootsiness and jazziness, and her own performance grew in confidence and intimacy as the night wore on. All those sceptics who thought – rightly – that she’d become just a little too smooth and well-groomed in the last few years should try to get a ticket for tonight. The vintage film clips projected behind the musicians were a little distracting at times, but when the music and images clicked – as they did on the cover of “I’m a Little Mixed Up”, the effect was quite hypnotic. (I feel I ought to know which film this is taken from, but I don’t.)

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