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George Orwell, anti-Semite?

Working his way through the diaries, Jack Shafer finds feet of clay: Orwell clearly maintained two sets of books, privately slagging Jews in his notebook while publicly condemning bigotry in his 1945 essay “Anti-Semitism in Britain,” in which he denounced … Continue reading

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Window shopping

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“Is this brutal?” he asked her. “Much reviewing prevents me from seeing books as men walking. I hit them and get quite a shock when I have hit a man: yet go on hitting books all the same.” Matthew Hollis: … Continue reading

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Stone Age texting

I lost my phone this week, but it’s clear I’m not the only person around here who’s had to manage without a mobile. Did Ken turn up in the end, I wonder?

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Don’t panic

Everyone’s still hyperventilating about Obama’s poor showing in last week’s debate. (Maureen Dowd adds some psychoanalysis of her own.) James Fallows prefers to take a deep breath: For nearly a year now, through wide fluctuations in political, international, and economic … Continue reading

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Revealed: Twitter’s secret HQ

It’s passing itself off as my local hairdresser, but I’m not that gullible. Any minute now, @JohnRentoul will be arriving to boot up his mighty Amstrad.

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Venal meets venial

Depressed by the Grant Shapps/Michael Green farce? One way to cheer yourself — sort of — is to take a look at the LA Times slideshow, “7 terrible politicians who may be elected anyway”.  (I’m not sure Jesse Jackson Jr … Continue reading

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The end of cinema?

Bee Wilson reviews David Thomson in the Sunday Times [£]: It is hard to avoid the feeling — and I say this as a devoted Thomson fan — that this is an old man’s book. Now 70, he confronts the possibility … Continue reading

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Jimmy’s contemporary across the Channel

They did things differently back then… I’m a huge fan of Serge Gainsbourg, as I’ve mentioned before, but the Jimmy Savile affair set me thinking about the way the ultra-hip, ultra-louche Frenchman treated that wholesome teen singer France Gall. The … Continue reading

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Caffeine culture

The Althouses seem to be taking coffee-making perfectionism to new heights. Now all they need to make the aesthetic experience complete is to spend $165 on a Jimmy Choo cup sleeve.

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