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New York magazine talks to Tina Brown about the digital future and the doomed luxury liner known as Newsweek:

Was it really losing $40 million a year?

I’m not supposed to reveal the exact numbers. But I will tell you it cost $42 million just to print Newsweek.


Before you’ve even engaged one writer, or one copy editor, or one picture editor. Forty-two million dollars.


Newsweek, in its heyday, had correspondents all over the world.

Thirty bureaus… You know, it was very funny—when I looked at the document of sale, it was like the vestiges of the great galleon it had been. It was like that wreck of the Titanic in the James Cameron film—they’re swimming through the rooms, and you see the chandeliers. Every so often, you would swim around a corner and see a chandelier—things like private dining. You suddenly realize, this was an era when there were things like private dining rooms.


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