The fading light

His mistress was dying of ovarian cancer, so he sketched and painted her, again and again, until the end came. Lunettes Rouges tells the story of Ferdinand Hodler and Valentine Godé-Darel: “Few artists, before the AIDs years dared depicting a loved one’s agony and death in such a raw, brutal and realistic way.”  [The original French text is here.]

And more reflections on mortality in Roger Ebert’s interview with Alan Arkin, Al Pacino and Christopher Walken:

I grow thoughtful: “Does it seem to you that our lives are getting to be about closure?”

“Well, they always are, whether you like it or not,” Arkin says. “I think people would like to put it out of their minds. It’s not out of my mind anymore. These days I look at a script and say, ‘What page are they gonna knock me off on?’ I say, ‘Oh! I live until page 83! That’s a good script.’ “

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