Then at eight o’clock the council gardener turned up: Inspection to see whether the garden has been weeded. I show him that everything has been cut; he reaches for something on the ground: “There are still weeds here — and here and here. I have to report that, they will send workers here compulsorily” — Forest law etc. I: “What is it that you require?” — “You have to pay a couple of hundred marks for the garden to be worked on by professional gardeners.” I: “Where shall I get the money from? I have been thrown out of my post” — He, a good-natured, simple man, who now realises what is going on: “Oh, then you are a non-Aryan?” Now the context and the inescapability of the situation were clear to him. He is sorry, but if he reports anything other than that weeds are still growing here, then a senior inspector will come and he loses his job.

Victor Klemperer, Diary, 28th June 1937.

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