Alan Partridge, film star?

Will Steve Coogan’s immortal creation be a success at the cinema? Bruce Dessau is keeping his fingers crossed:

I’m always a little nervous about British TV hits getting the big screen treatment. A few years ago I wrote excitedly that The Mighty Boosh was going to get the movie treatment and we are still waiting. There may have been a sort-of live movie but that doesn’t count. Maybe they had a lucky escape…

When The League of Gentlemen made their celluloid leap they were well aware that they didn’t want it to be a tawdry extended sitcom episode a la Holiday on the Buses, but even they were unable to avoid delivering a turkey. Somewhere on the way to the set someone must have mislaid the script. Too many spin-offs in the past, from Steptoe & Son to The Likely Lads and beyond have felt like little more than glossier-shot Christmas specials. The temptation to milk a success is too tempting. I’m surprised there has never been a David Brent movie, but then some wags would say that Ricky Gervais has been playing David Brent in most of his work since The Office.

True, so true.

PS: And here’s the trailer.

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