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Cycling while the sun lasts…

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What Campbell and his five men endured beggars belief, even in the steely annals of Antarctic hardship. They had been out from February 1911  until November 1913… In January 1912  they were picked up by the Terra Nova  on her … Continue reading

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Leonard Cohen via Nina & Meshell

Meshell Ndegeocello’s Nina Simone-inspired residency at Ronnie Scott’s ends tonight. I hope she comes back soon. Here she is in Paris earlier this year, performing “Suzanne”. (Compare and contrast with Nina S’s take on the same song.)

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An American Downton? No thanks…

Ah, the pathos of dying aristocracies. William Deresiewicz understands why Julian Fellowes’  period drama has been a hit, but he’s not sure that talk of a  US version is all that wise: I doubt that it will catch; Americans are much less … Continue reading

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Spring at last?

Well, almost.

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Boston: an over-reaction?

Stephen Walt on how a city was closed down: The economic cost has been enormous (by one estimate about $1 billion), and it sets a worrisome precedent if a 19 year old fugitive can paralyse an entire metropolitan region.  We … Continue reading

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The Petts, on the other hand, took the view – which I heard Bill formulate openly – that to tell somebody something  is to exert a kind of dominance over him, while to be told something is to be subjected … Continue reading

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My favourite listening this week: folk singer Bella Hardy’s new album, “Battleplan”. She was also in session on Radio 3’s World Routes a few days ago.

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In search of right-wing comedians

Stewart Hall scans the horizon and draws  a blank. The one name I thought of, after a struggle, was Jackie Mason, but then he’s American. Does that count? [Via Caitlin Moran]

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George Clooney, Sean Connery & who?

Patrick Stewart, actor and intergalactic explorer,  recently put out an ironic tweet, saying how honoured he was to be included on the National Rifle Association’s so-called “enemies list”.  As self-inflicted PR wounds go, the bloated roll-call of  organisations and VIPs that … Continue reading

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