Techno-pessimism: for & against

Leon Wieseltier loathes blogs, although it’s not clear he knows much about them: they don’t necessarily have to be “first thoughts”, and I don’t understand why he assumes there’s some sort of 300-word limit. Twitter arouses his scorn as well (“one of the biggest assaults on the human attention span ever.”) Well, I have my moments of doubt too. But Alan Jacobs – who is no slacker in the IQ department –  thinks the end-of-civilisation-as-we-know-it articles are becoming a tad repetitive

No more, please. No more essays about how “technology” or “the internet” is “changing everything.” They all say the same thing, which in the end amounts to: absolutely nothing. So let’s get down to cases. What technologies did you rely on today? What did they help you do? What did they allow you to avoid doing? What did they prevent you from doing that you wanted to do?  Specify. As the proverbs tell us, both God and the Devil are in the details.

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