The Great War & beyond


“Unveiling Cookham War Memorial”  by Stanley Spencer

I pass the memorial almost every day when I’m out walking. (Spencer’s brother, Sydney – who was killed in action in the last month of the war –  is among  the villagers whose names are set in stone.) So as soon as I have a chance, I’m going down to Dulwich Picture Gallery, where the painting is part of the new exhibition, “A Crisis of Brilliance”. The Economist’s article is here, Marina Vaizey posted a review at  The Arts Desk, while Brian Sewell seems to have enjoyed his visit almost in spite of himself:

[T]he best the visitor can do is feast on the exhibits, for most of which the modest collector or connoisseur of English painting would willingly sell his soul.

David Haycock’s book –  the inspiration for the show –  is well worth reading too.

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