On race: the two faces of the Daily Mail

On the one hand, it championed the Stephen Lawrence campaign, albeit belatedly. Then again, there are no end of tales like this one, from Nick Davies’ “Flat Earth News”:

I spoke to a man who had worked for the Daily Mail for some years as a senior news reporter. He said: “They phoned me early one morning and told me to drive about three hundred miles to cover a murder. It was a woman and her two children who’d been killed. I got an hour and a half into the journey, and the news desk called me on my mobile and said, ‘Come back.’ I said, ‘Why’s that?’ They said, ‘They’re black.’”

Although Davies does add this:

[B]lack people can, in fact, make it into the paper, providing they fit into a Mail-friendly stereotype. A reporter who worked there for years and who has Jamaican relatives told me: “Certainly, it is just a routine thing to keep out stories where the principals turn out to be black but the Mail can embrace people from ethnic minorities providing they are respectable, short-back-and-sides people, who are trying to be British in a traditional way.”

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