Facts, fantasies… & JFK

“No sane person believes Kennedy was killed by one bitter ex-marine,” declares actor Alec Baldwin in the New Statesman. “Anyone with eyes can see that Kennedy was shot from the front.” Which suggests, as if anyone thought otherwise, that the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination is not going see an end to the conspiracy theories. For every one person who’s satisfied with the single-gunman evidence set out at overwhelming length in Gerald Posner’s “Case Closed” or  Vincent Bugliosi’s 1600-page “Reclaiming History“,  a thousand have seen Oliver Stone’s fantastical “JFK”. And as Ben Macintyre recently pointed out in The Times, the fact that a stack of official documents remains unreleased even now is bound to keep the controversy simmering. Still,  I doubt we’ll ever see another documentary as weird as “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” make it onto the airwaves —  in Britain at least. Made for the 25th anniversary – I remember watching it at the time — Nigel Turner’s programme came up with the idea  that the president was the victim of assassins from the French underworld. And there were plenty of other outlandish sub-plots. Welcome to the murky world of Badge Man and his friends.

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