Morning walk music

“O Samba e O Tango”, opening track from the mid-1990s concert tour recording “Fina Estampa Ao Vivo”.

PS: I wrote about the experience of hearing these songs for the first time in a Times feature [£] this summer:

I’d gone more out of vague curiosity than anything else. Although I was aware of Caetano Veloso’s pioneering role in Brazil’s Tropicália movement, I couldn’t describe myself as a fan. But the show he brought to the Festival Hall in 1996 was altogether different. Standing in front of Diego Rivera’s fresco Pan American Unity, Veloso led his band on a hypnotic journey through the cultural landscape of South America. With the cellist and musical director Jaques Morelenbaum conducting a sumptuous string section, this was popular music with the depth and passion of grand opera.

The studio version of “Fina Estampa” — which actually came out first — is a must-hear too, of course.

Oh, and here’s the “FE” recording of “Cucurrucucú Paloma”, which isn’t as well known as the equally gorgeous arrangement in Almodóvar’s film “Hable con ella”. The sound seems to be out of synch on the video, so just close your eyes and wallow…

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