krays The picture everyone remembers of the Twins will always be that threatening high-fashion image which David Bailey created in the studios of Vogue magazine not long before their murder spree began. It is surprising how little else about them remains from this period that is anything like as memorable, apart from odd clips of contemporary television film and press pictures showing the Twins as dark-haired, sharply-dressed young cockney gangsters… The true nightmare of modern big-time crime lies in the fact that it is faceless, and this makes that Bailey portrait of the Twins now seem strangely reassuring. They could never have lived the life of modern big-time criminals, since in the last resort what truly mattered to the Twins was their image and their legend. Unlike the faceless men behind the anonymous crime that threatens all of us today, the Twins will always be the faces that everyone remembers.

 John Pearson, “The Cult of Violence: The Untold Story of the Krays”.

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