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The real John Wayne

Seems there was more to him than we thought.  A new biography wins praise from Peter Bogdanovich: The portrait Eyman paints very much resembles the Wayne I knew for nearly 15 years: extremely likable, guileless, exuberant, even strangely innocent. Hawks, … Continue reading

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The toilet roll as sketch book

Classic Stanley Spencer: a scene from painter Lachlan Goudie’s thoroughly absorbing TV documentary about the Clyde shipyard paintings. (You can watch a short clip on the programme’s website.)  About 15 years ago, another of Spencer’s famous toilet rolls, from a … Continue reading

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Etonians, it is alleged, have problems with such banal conventions as the traffic code. In the old days they disregarded licensing laws. Among Etonians (the accusation has been levelled at myself) the existence of a servant class is taken for … Continue reading

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Christ Church

Peering in, Oxford.    

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Then he said meanwhile, what about we take in a film this evening? But that was no good to me, because you don’t go into Soho to see films, because Soho is a film, and anyway, most times I go … Continue reading

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I spent yesterday evening at Hatfield House — home to the Folk By The Oak festival —  where Bella Hardy, Martin Simpson & Co premiered The Elizabethan Session, the fruit of a week-long “incarceration” in a house in deepest Herefordshire. … Continue reading

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The murder of Kitty Genovese & the making of an urban myth

Nicholas Lemann, incisive as ever, in a New Yorker article about the 50th anniversary of the case that changed the way New Yorkers looked at their city and themselves: The fact that this crime, one of six hundred and thirty-six murders … Continue reading

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Jeremy Denk brings his version of the Goldberg Variations to London soon. Can’t wait. Here he is, indulging  in a little of his “nerd speak”.

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The search for MH370

As the world begins to run out of theories, one of James Fallows’ readers wonders if Hergé got their first: The numerous parallels are quite interesting…it’s a crew takeover, they drop out of sight of radar, it all takes place … Continue reading

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Artificial intelligence, genuine attitude

Introducing Victor, the trash-talking, Scrabble-playing robot: When he is winning, Victor is likely to be boastful, uttering such lines as: “I am the current king of Scrabble, Victor the Mechanical Marvel. That’s Victor the Brilliant for short.” When losing, he … Continue reading

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