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A Brazilian in Manhattan: “Manhatã”


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A European in Manhattan

When we think about Hitler’s exiles in New York it’s easy to imagine this huge influx flooding over a stable environment and disrupting it, but the city itself was off-kilter and often menacingly volatile… Still, after their European experiences, most refugees … Continue reading

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Cream of the crop minus one

My Sunday Times CD reviews [£] today include the Songlines Music Awards compilation, which I really enjoyed even though it left out my favourite disc. Ah well, at least that gives me an excuse to post this video again.

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My head is still spinning

One of the many extraordinary stats from the Washington Post’s guide to the universe in 31 numbers: 1.3 million: The number of Earths that could fit inside the sun if it were hollow. Which somehow makes the next one seem almost manageable: 177: How many years … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson’s chutzpah, pt 239

Perhaps he thinks words can be dressed up to mean anything at all.  Here he is being  interviewed  [£] by Alice Thomson and Rachel Sylvester: Although he went to Eton and Oxford, Mr Johnson is surprisingly classless, adored by taxi drivers as … Continue reading

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Capital city

Photo of the day: a fabulous shot of London emerging from the morning fog by Richard Fletcher, business editor of The Times.

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When Roald Dahl met Kingsley Amis

Not quite a meeting of minds when the writers bump into each other at a party at Tom Stoppard’s house in the country. The handsomely remunerated purveyor of children’s stories had arrived by helicopter, naturally: Dahl was shaking his head … Continue reading

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When Benedict met Bono

Video footage of the red carpet moment of the year. [H/T Scott Jordan Harris]

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Newspaper editors, RIP

In the British Journalism Review, Kim Fletcher writes an obituary for a dying breed: Those who have listened closely to the new language of newspaper management will not greet the demise of the editor with any great shock. The post … Continue reading

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Art appreciation for beginners

As Kenneth Clark wouldn’t have said…. The Meta Picture does high culture. Via  James Crabtree]

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