If I longed for release, it was a matter of professional honour not to show it… It was not until the end of June that I sent off the last batch of pages for the last time. I added a more chatty covering fax than usual. I ended by saying, “Do you know the story about the man  who was having a pair of trousers made by a Jewish tailor and it was taking forever? Two months, three months, six months. Finally, he said to the tailor, ‘It took the good Lord six days to make the world and you it takes six months to make a pair of pants.’ And the tailor said, ‘So look at the world, and then just look at this pair of pants.’ Why does this story occur to me at this stage? Best regards, Freddie.”

Frederic Raphael: “Eyes Wide Open: A Memoir of Stanley Kubrick and Eyes Wide Shut”.

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