We made the film and went off to preview it in St Louis. As much as I loved the comedy in the movie, my favourite moment was when Bernadette Peters and I sang a simple song on a beach, “Tonight You Belong To Me”, a tune that was a hit in the twenties and then again in the fifties, when it was recorded by two adolescent sisters called Patience and Prudence. I thought the scene was touching, and I couldn’t wait for it to come on-screen, hoping the audience would be as affected as I had been. The movie was rolling along with lots of laughter. Then the song came on. Mass exodus for popcorn. Song over, audience returned for more laughs. After the screening, I got a left-handed compliment of juicy perfection: A woman approached me and said, “I loved this movie. And my husband loved it, and he hates you.”

Steve Martin, “Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life”.

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