On Wall Street

I’m really looking forward to reading Michael Lewis’s latest, “Flash Boys”. Here he is, talking to the New Republic’s Isaac Chotiner:

IC: I was wondering how spending so much time with Wall Street people and on Wall Street has changed you ideologically.

ML: I am too wooly minded to even have politics. They are all over the map. To this day I vote for the man rather than the party. Although I do lean Democrat. There has been one steady drift in my outlook caused by my constant contact with the financial system. I am ever more dubious that people who make lots of money are doing something useful. I started out only a little dubious. I have gone from thinking it is absurd to vaguely criminal. Wall Street can do lots and lots of damage while making lots and lots of money.

And what did he think of “The Wolf of Wall Street”? I have to admit I didn’t even make it through the first hour:

ML: It was very funny, but I didn’t think it was very much about Wall Street. I thought it was about Martin Scorsese’s obsessions and addictions. He apparently has tried to get that opening scene with Leonardo DiCaprio trying to snort coke out of the butt of a hooker into several of his movies, and this is the first time they let him put it in.

IC: It’s always nice when someone’s lifelong dream can be realized.

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