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Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke on the Aries lunar ferry. From a new collection of photographs on the making of “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

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With so little basis for agreement, the relationship between Kubrick and Spielberg, which began in cordiality and mutual respect, would collapse during post-production of  “The Shining”,  when Spielberg moved into the studio in the wake of Kubrick’s film to start … Continue reading

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As well as being hosts,  Brazil must be favourites to win the national anthem World Cup. Yet again.

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Slowly, mixed-raced players started to filter through to the big clubs. They were made to feel ashamed of their colour. Artur Friedenreich, the son of a German immigrant and a black Brazilian,  looked white apart from his frizzy hair. Before … Continue reading

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On the water

The Thames near Cookham this afternoon

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You expect the conservative media to be bad at racial diversity. But the organs of the Left too? Gabriel Arana’s essay is written from a US point of view – he’s the only member of an ethnic minority on the … Continue reading

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The making of Mick Jagger

In wax, that is. From a Reuters Photography Blog dispatch about the artisans of the Musée Grévin in Paris.

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On walking out

Tim Parks has a bad night at the theatre: The play was advertised as Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author. A friend had encouraged me to go and it was years since I had seen the piece. Only … Continue reading

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 “Best part of the Louvre was the statue of an ancient smartphone user taking a selfie.” Federico Viticci fails the audition to find a presenter of the 21st century version of Civilisation. Good caption though.

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What makes great art great?

Maybe it’s more than just a question of aesthetics. Ian Leslie ponders the case of the Mona Lisa. After reading his essay, I felt a little less guilty about not having felt a rush of excitement when I finally got … Continue reading

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