You expect the conservative media to be bad at racial diversity. But the organs of the Left too? Gabriel Arana’s essay is written from a US point of view – he’s the only member of an ethnic minority on the staff of The American Prospect — yet he could just as easily be describing the UK:

When editors cast the net to build up the applicant pool for a position, they are largely recruiting people who look and think like themselves. The payroll at the outlets included in this piece draw heavily from the Ivy League or similarly selective institutions. “The original writing and editing batch at Slate came from elite college folks of the old [former TNR editor] Michael Kinsley New Republic tradition, folks who work there came out of that and tended to be white and Jewish and Northeastern,” [Slate editor David] Plotz says. “That perpetuates itself—it’s hard to look for and find people who are not like you.” Making matters worse, many outlets don’t advertise open positions, instead relying on their circle of professional contacts to fill slots.

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