With so little basis for agreement, the relationship between Kubrick and Spielberg, which began in cordiality and mutual respect, would collapse during post-production of  “The Shining”,  when Spielberg moved into the studio in the wake of Kubrick’s film to start shooting “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. For the time being, however, Kubrick remained to Spielberg and most of New Hollywood a charismatic, even almost magical figure. A not-very-funny  joke circulated. Spielberg died and went to heaven, but at the Pearly Gates he’s denied admittance; God doesn’t like film directors. Just then, a shabby balding figure in stained cords and battered sneakers cycles by.

“Isn’t that Stanley Kubrick?” asks Spielberg.

St Peter spares the rider a troubled glance. “No, it’s God. He just thinks he’s Stanley Kubrick.”

John Baxter, “Stanley Kubrick: A Biography”.

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