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Al Sharpton & his autocue

Not a marriage made in heaven.

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VE Day

On this day in 1945. From Peter Hennessy’s history of post-war Britain, “Never Again”.

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Putin’s war on swearing

Not content with nibbling other people’s territory, Russia’s ruler is launching a new offensive on the home front.  New Yorker editor David Remnick ponders the country’s “florid and flexible lexicon of profanity.”

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Stanley Kubrick: portrait of the artist as a young photographer

An atmospheric Kubrick selfie, taken in 1947, when he was making his name as a teenage snapper. From the exhibition “Eyes Wide Open” at the Kunstforum, Vienna. [HT: Debbie Norcliffe]

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“Dude, let’s go bowling”

Big Lebowski fans get together for some fun. And Jeff Bridges sang too.

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How do I join?

I really am tempted to put this on study door. [HT Yves Hirschfeld]

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In the footsteps of Stefan Zweig

My Indy review of George Prochnik’s superb biography “The Impossible Exile”: A New York intellectual whose own family fled Austria in the 1930s, he embarks on a journey retracing Zweig’s fretful search for a refuge, from London to Bath to … Continue reading

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