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Football fever

Supporters in Chicago.  Photo by Scott Olson/Getty.  Go here to see more of his shots from “the most soccer-mad city in America”.

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The Brazilians’ fear of the goalkeeper

[*Blogpost title with apologies to Peter Handke.] Neymar aside, it’s very hard to work up much enthusiasm for the Brazilian XI in the World Cup. The general lack of confidence and guile on display almost reminds me of England. How about … Continue reading

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“Good lecturer, ugly shoes.”

  HT: TaxProfBlog via Althouse

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Along with direct rule, the French brought their penal code to Vietnam. Goodwill largely motivated them, since Vietnamese law beheaded thieves and had adulterous women trampled to death by elephants. But French jurisprudence confused and convulsed Vietnam’s traditional legal system … Continue reading

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Another of my 20 essential Brazilian songs from the Sunday Times.  The playlist is on Spotify too.

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Angela’s mother employed her colour very much as she practised certain winning usages of smile and voice to obtain indulgence which meant much to her and which took nothing from anyone else. Then, too, she was possessed of a keener … Continue reading

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“Doyle Family, 2010”, from “Mixed Blood”, portraits of mixed-race families by the photographer known simply as Cyjo. [HT @Lucas_Jackson]

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Unflinching jazz memoir title of the year

We have a clear winner, courtesy of Art Pepper’s widow: “Art: Why I Stuck with a Junkie Jazzman”. Sounds like a very good read though.

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Soft power, 1945

Coke means “We’re your allies.” Magazine ad from the end of world War Two. HT: @oldschoolads  & @AMaddy2

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Transatlantic language barrier

Matthew Barzun, American ambassador to the UK, on adjusting to the local way of speaking English: In my work it sometimes causes difficulties, like when I told a British staff member his work was “quite good,” causing a confused expression. … Continue reading

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