3rd September 1939

From the closing pages of Stefan Zweig’s “The World of  Yesterday”:

It was a strange morning. We retreated in silence from the radio… I went into my room and packed my things in a small suitcase. If what a highly placed friend had told me was true, we Austrians living in England would be seen in the same light as Germans and must expect the same restrictions on our movements. I might not be able to sleep in my own bed tonight…

Once again I walked down to the city of Bath for a last look at peace. It lay quiet in the noonday sunlight and seemed just the same as ever. People went their usual way, walking with their usual gait. They were in no haste, they did not gather together in excited talk. They looked casual and composed, in proper Sunday mood, and for a moment I wondered: “Don’t they know what has happened yet?” But they were English. They were used to concealing their feelings.

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