Stat of the day

More Apple & Android phones have now been sold than all the Japanese cameras ever made.

From John Naughton’s reflections on the rise and rise of the smartphone. As he points out, even the tech experts didn’t see this coming:

When [smartphones] first appeared less than a decade ago, most of us thought that they would remain an elite consumer product for a long time to come, staples of affluent professionals in the industrialised world, perhaps, but of no relevance to poor people in the developing world who would continue to be delighted with crude feature phones that could just about do SMS. How wrong can you be? We underestimated both the power of Moore’s law and human nature. Gordon Moore’s “law” postulated that computing power – crudely measured as the number of transistors that can be fitted on to a processor chip – doubles every 18 months. That doubling has been going on for nearly 30 years and it helps to explain how Apple’s new iPhone 6 fits 625 times as many transistors on its CPU chip as the Intel Pentium chip had when it was powering a 1995 desktop PC.

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