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An office Christmas party in the age of Mad Men

Somewhere in Manhattan, 1966. From the contact sheets of Magnum photographer Leonard Freed. The slideshow with the article really is worth a look.

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Two of the most over-used adjectives in arts journalism

“Dark” and “subversive”. Strangely enough, this article about HBO’s version of Westworld fails to use the word “dazzling”.

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The perfect social media Christmas present

From Private Eye’s Giftmart.

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The racist who wasn’t

“Her tweet was supposed to mimic—and mock—what an actual racist, ignorant person would say.” A cautionary tale of a disastrous attempt at irony:   One year ago today, Justine Sacco was the global head of communications for the digital media conglomerate IAC. … Continue reading

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Sinatra, 99

  It’s his centenary next year. (And I’m eagerly awaiting arrival of the new set of London recordings.) In the meantime, here’s one of my favourite tracks from “Songs For Swingin’ Lovers”. Compare and contrast with this version of the same … Continue reading

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Correcting Wikipedia

Is that noble experiment in “controlled anarchy” in danger of losing its way? David Auerbach recalls his own encounter with people who seem to spend as much time feuding as editing: Because Wikipedia is so unprecedented, I cut it a … Continue reading

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“Bob Dylan’s career-long exploration of regional American music has finally reached Las Vegas.” The snarky way of announcing  the singer’s Sinatra project. How a country haemorrhages people: Portugal’s emigration crisis. Beyond parody. A story for our times. “If you’ve ever wondered what happens … Continue reading

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Morning ritual, Calcutta

Nick Ng’s shot of ablutions at the Hooghly river, a branch of the Ganges. From a selection of entries to the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards.

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Remembering Tom Jobim

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of his sudden death, aged just 67.  I always regret not seizing the chance to meet him when I was in New York earlier in 1994, covering Verve’s 50th anniversary concert at Carnegie Hall. Jobim … Continue reading

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Ferguson: what they saw, and what they didn’t see

The Washington Post assembles detailed, eye-witness accounts of the shooting of Michael Brown.  In the end, they’re a reminder of how fallible and contradictory memory can be: A family in a minivan — mother and father up front, two adult daughters … Continue reading

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