Correcting Wikipedia

Is that noble experiment in “controlled anarchy” in danger of losing its way? David Auerbach recalls his own encounter with people who seem to spend as much time feuding as editing:

Because Wikipedia is so unprecedented, I cut it a lot of slack, but precisely for that reason, it faces unanticipated dangers and no easy solution…  I saw a number of inhumanly patient, idealistic, and cautiously circumspect editors during my short time there… but their voices were too often drowned out by the far less civil voices. We can learn a lot from Wikipedia about Internet governance and collective knowledge-building. It’s ultimately up to the site’s editors to choose to learn to temper their fortress mentality, get more outside eyes and ears, listen to the most moderate and reflective among them, and perhaps even entertain the idea that they might sometimes be wrong.

[Via Arts & letters Daily]

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