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Spin doctoring

And so the election campaign begins. Pic via @JohnFugelsang

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Remembering Saul Bellow

Is it true that “many people under the age of 50” have barely heard of him? Lee Siegel, a devout admirer, certainly hopes a new biography will open doors to a new audience. His essay is over-long and maddeningly self-indulgent at … Continue reading

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Album of the week

“Her finest yet.” I review Bella Hardy’s “With the Dawn” in today’s Sunday Times [£].  Sounds like a masterpiece to me. Here’s the first single.  

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Quote of the day

Courtesy of @brian_bilston. Then they came for Katie Hopkins, and I did not speak out – I merely showed them where she was hiding. Bad taste, yes, but I know how he feels…

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In Oxford today for the James Gillray exhibition. (Cartoonist Martin Rowson offers his take on the show in the Guardian.)

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Future format?

Mickey Kaus, one of the pioneers of political blogging, is trying out a new Twitterized set-up. Not because he’s wildly enthusiastic about the T-word, but because it offers hope of getting back to the spirit of the good old days:  

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Retro Russian

A Soviet nostalgia-themed restaurant and bar in Sofia. From Yana Paskova’s images of life in the new Bulgaria.

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What millennials think about news

They’re quite keen on keeping abreast of current affairs, but handing over money can be  a problem for some of them: “I don’t think you should pay for news,” Eric, a 22-year-old Chicagoan, said. “That’s something everybody should be informed … Continue reading

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In town tonight: the queen of fado

Mariza is at the Barbican in a few hours. I just hope she sings this, definitive proof that not all fado songs are melancholy.  

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Though Britain was still struggling out of austerity, the meals at Christ Church high table were more luxurious than anything I’d come across before. It was there that I first tasted oysters — and thought wonderingly of my mother’s taste … Continue reading

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