That year [1968], at the Reading Festival,  Arthur Brown was lowered onto the stage from a helicopter with his hair aflame. He’d just released a record on Track called “Fire” and this was a Kit Lambert publicity stunt. But Arthur jumped around too much and set the stage on fire. The gig was cancelled and there was no music, but the press coverage was good and the record got to No. 1…

Pink Floyd publicised themselves by announcing a psychedelic light show. Their manager at the time, Peter Jenner, explained how he made them some stage lights, which in those days was a completely new concept. “The group developed some polaroid effects, putting a polariser and analyser in the projector and stretching condoms across it, which gave good effects because they were very high quality latex.” One evening Pink Floyd’s van was stopped for a minor traffic offence. When the policeman peered inside he saw a young man cutting the tops off a pile of condoms.  “That’s our roadie,” group told him, “he’s crazy.”

Simon Napier-Bell, “Black Vinyl, White Powder”.

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