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I feel sorry for Julian Assange

Imagine getting regular visits from Vivienne Westwood.

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21st century French

Cartoon by Frederick Deligne. Via @claireparisjazz.

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[I]t was a long established rule in Cambridge colleges that wives — especially wives — were banned from High Table. High Table was the preserve of the Fellows who cultivated self-importance with the same exquisite care that lesser mortals might … Continue reading

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Crime, policing and the African-American “silent majority”

Maybe the issue is more complicated than some commentators like to think…  A brave and thoughtful piece of analysis from Kelefa Sanneh in The New Yorker. Definitely worth reading in full.

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Willie Nelson revisited

I only discovered this video recently. From “Teatro”, my favourite WN album: “I Never Cared For You”, prefaced by a little Django Reinhardt in the form of “Où es-tu mon amour?” And it has Emmy Lou Harris too.

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Sacred city

From my Times review [£] of Jerusalem’s Sacred Music Festival: Can art trump politics in such a divided city? Last year’s Sacred Music Festival began just days after the end of the Israeli incursion into Gaza, an operation that caused the … Continue reading

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Western Wall

The view from the ramp leading to Temple Mount. Men and women praying separately.

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Even when the two sides cooperated, it was agonizing: in 1950, the UN mediated the feeding of the one tiger, one lion and two bears of the Biblical Zoo on Israeli-controlled Mount Scopus and officially explained that “Decisions had to … Continue reading

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The limits of free speech?

 “He thinks we should never flinch at words, but I don’t think he understands their force.” Galen Strawson reviews Mick Hume’s book, “Trigger Warning”.

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