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James Fallows proves he is fallible after all by confessing that he doesn’t like football. One of his readers – an American based in Europe – agrees. He’s being ironic, I think:

American football is very “American” in the good sense of what makes the country truly great. In each play you start with a definite plan, you announce the plan to your team ahead of time, you execute on the plan, and then you see how well the plan worked. Sort of like getting to the Moon…

Soccer, though, if you look at what the offence is doing, they just go out and screw around and sees if anything turns up by luck. One can argue that that is more like life than the “execute to plan” of American football. But for entertainment one is looking for something besides the meaningless random existential fog that one has to deal with every day.

Meanwhile, Time Out’s film critics are trying to convince us that “Pulp Fiction” belongs among the 100 best comedies of all time. At least they put “Spinal Tap” at number one.

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