The price of streaming

Some chastening stats… Songwriter Scott Alan reflects on how the digital revolution has affected him:

I was once pulling in over 4K a month for my seven album releases.  These sales were an accumulation of iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby & even Spotify Streaming sales. Mostly digital, some physical sales.  My sales went to paying for rent, food, cable, electricity and further album releases.  I had some extra money left over to buy gifts or take myself out on a nice dinner date or two but most of that money went to living in an expensive city.

Since the release of Apple Music my sales per month are below $500, with Apple Music paying me an approximate (and measly) $50 for streaming services per album. Yes, that is how large my drop has been.   The only reason my sales are even at $500 is because the physical sales for my latest album are providing me income.  Spotify and Apple Music pays between $0.006 and $0.0084 per streaming.  Per purchase of an album on iTunes, most artists earn an average of $6.00$7.00 and .60 – .70 cents per song sold on iTunes. That is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in income. And I am one of the rare independent artists who own 100% of their income.  Most don’t.

[HT Mark Shenton]

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