Out of step

Erick Erickson is an ultra-conservative talk radio host and Tea Party activist, but he’s also anti-Trump. The response has been so vitriolic that he’s had to start looking over his shoulder:

Last night, as my family went to bed, a man in a car parked just down our driveway. he and his co-worker roaming the neighbourhood are the security now part of my life. It is the age of Trump. In 2011 and 2012 I actively campaigned against Mitt Romney. In November of 2011, I had written that Romney would lose to Obama and conservatives would get blamed. That happened. He was a terrible candidate. But Romney supporters, despite vigorous disagreement, were not hurling threats my way or toward my family.

[HT: Rod Dreher]

The Atlantic ran a profile of Erickson last year: “Erickson is your conservative father-in-law at the Thanksgiving table.”

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