Talking about Trump, talking about race

loury mcwhorter

Is Donald Trump a racist? Another intriguing Bloggingheads discussion between Glenn Loury and John McWhorter, bringing academic rigour to the subject as well as channeling the thoughts of Joe Six Pack and Mr & Mrs Upper West Side. They loathe Trump; on the other hand they understand the social forces that have produced him. The conversation wanders off to broader questions of educational under-achievement towards the end, but before the pair sign off, they ponder how well Trump will do among black voters. Loury believes he’ll do better than expected because he’s raising the issue of how uncontrolled immigration affects low-paid workers. McWhorter isn’t so sure.  I really do wish these guys could be given some sort of exposure in the UK: we need to get away from the usual suspects and their shopworn slogans.

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