Deconstructing the protest song

Having fun with right-on slogans. My review [£] of comedy duo Jonny & the Baptists:

Jonny Donahue and Paddy Gervers are an eccentric double act. One is short and stout, the other tall and slim, much like a bargain-basement, Labour-leaning Hall and Oates. One reason they make such genial company is that they understand what is wrong with left-wing cultural politics: the sanctimony, the sectarianism, the refusal to engage with the opinions of voters. Rooted in the trauma of last year’s general election results, their show The End is Nigh — part play, part concert — is a wickedly amusing examination of what happens when environmentalism collides with brute self-interest. Although Tory ministers are the villain of the piece, the duo have just as much fun ridiculing their own inadequacies. Donahue and Gervers understand the dangers of basking in their righteousness.

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