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Consumer central

At Heathrow Terminal 5, where I’m surrounded by luxurious junk when all I really need is a bookshop and two bananas. The deluxe shops have hardly any customers in them, the public areas are crammed full. Why do airports have … Continue reading

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A murder victim or murderer who didn’t speak much to the neighbours on either side of him is someone who always “kept himself to himself”. This is essentially shorthand for “I couldn’t find out a damn thing about him.” It … Continue reading

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Man of destiny

Hollow laughter rings out in the secondhand bookshop.

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Charm offensive

So now we know where P.J. O’Rourke gets it. Imagine what his granny would have been like if she’d been let loose on the Internet: My grandmother knew how to say what she damn well pleased, not that she ever would have … Continue reading

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Miles & Miles

To mark what would have been his 90th birthday, the first track from the first Miles Davis album I fell in love with. My copy of “Porgy & Bess” was a scratched and battered LP discovered at a jumble sale … Continue reading

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The Times then was a newspaper like no other in the world, an institutionalized anomaly, a national fact of life standing somewhere, perhaps, between the BBC and the Lord Chamberlain’s Office, with detectable undertones of the College of Arms… Even … Continue reading

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The right kind of rant

Introducing the quartet’s new recording, “Reverie”. I have a feeling it will up there in contention in my end-of-year top ten. Julie Fowlis and Ewan McLennan make guest appearances.

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It is hard to believe that my parents’ generation would walk into a cinema when it suited them, without paying any attention to what film it was that they were going to see. Indeed they weren’t even concerned whether the … Continue reading

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Zac Goldsmith, Bollywood fan

As we say goodbye and good riddance to his wretched mayoral campaign, a chance to savour his vintage red carpet moment.

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A name to watch

My review [£] of “Reasonable Doubts”, the new show from stand-up Dane Baptiste: The material is uneven, and he sometimes takes aim at too many targets, but you can tell from the outset that Dane Baptiste has presence. The same … Continue reading

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