“Sir, I’m thinking: it would only be fair, and it would certainly be to the country’s advantage to promote your philosophy more widely. Eidolon Books would be very happy to perform this service for you. Right here and now I think I could promise you a six-figure advance against royalties and a very agreeable royalty and reprint clause. The contract could be drawn up and signed in a day or two, and you could have the book for us, let’s say, in about a year or two.”

“I can’t write,” said Chance.

Stiegler smiled deprecatingly. “Of course – but who can, nowadays? It’s no problem. We can provide you with our best editors and research assistants. I can’t even write a simple postcard to my children. So what?”

“I can’t even read,” said Chance.

“Of course not!” Stiegler exclaimed. Who has time? One glances at things, talks, listens, watches.”

Jerzy Kosinski, “Being There”.

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