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Dusk at La Baie des Anges, Raoul Dufy.

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A bad case of groupthink

Frank Furedi on academia’s response to the referendum result: At the end of the conference, a Dutch colleague who knows that I voted Leave calls me aside and whispers: “I agree with you on Brexit.” When I ask her why … Continue reading

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Her local paper

Front page news, naturally. (Don’t read anything sinister into the divorce lawyer advertisement underneath: it’s always there.)

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Bastille Day

The birth of a national legend? Simon Schama describes the myth-making  in “Citizens”: No one wanted to be in the Bastille. But once there, life for the more privileged could be made bearable. Alcohol and tobacco were allowed, and under … Continue reading

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New prime minister, old Labour

Another century, another world. HT @MirrorStyleGuide

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The three adults were around the fire, guarding us. I felt safe again. And I listened. Between the whistles of the crickyjeens, Mr Haddy was talking about tigers. Father laughed at him recklessly, as if daring a tiger to show … Continue reading

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Near Cliveden

Last light of the day on the Thames, Monday.

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Politicians, Twitter & the “sneerocracy”

Is Jeremy Corbyn an antisemite? Was Boris Johnson being racist when he mentioned Obama’s Kenyan heritage in that Sun article? I’m not convinced about either case. To be honest, I wasn’t even outraged by that infamous poster of refugees that … Continue reading

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Twitter quote of the day

As we struggled to keep track of the ever-changing post-Brexit news, David Hepworth summed it all up: “I remember when pop music was impossible to predict and politics was rather dull.”

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Betty’s bounce

My reissue of the week in the Sunday Times: Betty Davis gets a helping hand from Miles Davis. (The introductory blurb on the video is a tad hyperbolic – we’re not exactly talking about the Dead Sea Scrolls – but … Continue reading

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