The problem with football

Silly question, I know, but why was Sam Allardyce being paid £3 million a year in the first place? Couldn’t he have got by on a little less? Shouldn’t it be an honour to be England manager? Stan Collymore has his critics, of course, but this piece – well, rant – goes to the heart of the matter:

“Football without fans is nothing” someone once said, but the Premier League points to armies of fans abroad, higher attendances than ever and billions coming through the turnstiles… I have no problem with players, the stars of the show or anyone else in any walk of life, earning great money and succeeding. But there’s a nasty, gloating cockiness about people within the sport now that I see at games, see on TV, see in the dugout and see in the boardrooms…You wished for the greatest show on earth and you got it, but at what cost? The soul of the game I suggest.

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