The last day has dawned. Since I drew up those statistics I have tramped an additional 114 kilometres. In a moment I am going into the garden and will cover another ten kilometres, so that I shall be ending my walk at kilometre 31,936. And this evening a last violation of the prison rules. At eleven pm a telegram is to be sent to my old friend which he should receive around midnight: “Please pick me up thirty-five kilometres south of Guadalajara, Mexico. Holzwege.”

And one last item: When I entered the garden a while ago I saw Hess standing in the side court. He had his back to me. I went up to him and stood beside him, just as a gesture of sympathy. Great mounds of coal for the prison were being unloaded in the court. For a while we stood in silence side by side. Then Hess said, “So much coal. And from tomorrow on only for me.”

Albert Speer, prison diary, September 30th 1966.

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