dunkirk-poster-600x889Well, I went in with my expectations set reasonably low – the swooning and gasping from many of the critics automatically put me on my guard. (Remember how they tried to convince us that “Skyfall” was the best Bond film ever?) What you get from “Dunkirk” is a decent war film with some inspired moments but an awful lot of blockbuster padding and a distinct lack of memorable characters. Maybe Christopher Nolan was trying to show how war reduces us all to ciphers, but the ultimate effect is that the film becomes a string of hardware-driven set-pieces. The CGI is a big disappointment too: those much-touted aerial scenes struck me as a lot less impressive than those in “The Battle of Britain”, which is, remember, getting on for fifty years old. The constant cross-cutting between characters at crucial moments undercut the momentum too, the final appearance of the little boats was embarrassingly schmaltzy, while the climactic dog-fight had more than a touch of “Top Gun” about it. As for Hans Zimmer’s horribly bombastic, cod-Elgar score, the less said the better.

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