duff cooper diariesOne of the books I’m reading at the moment (for research purposes, really) is the diary of Duff Cooper (1890-1954),  Cabinet minister, bon vivant and David Cameron’s great-great uncle. (You can see the resemblance in the photo.) The early stages have been pretty hard work: lots of dinner parties and fillies and fine wines. I’m sure it will get better when he finally grows up. Sometimes it just reads like an Evelyn Waugh novel.

October 25 1923

Buffles gave a dinner party at Buck’s. There were about ten of us. Maurice as usual balanced glasses on his head and everybody threw things at him. This suddenly developed into a wild orgy of breakage – every glass, cup and plate in the room being smashed and McEwen, the steward, who happened  to come in in the middle received a glass in the face which cut his forehead. I think I was the only person who threw nothing yet nobody was drunk except Buffles. The Slav came out in Serge Obolensky who was very wild.

I wonder if McEwen kept a diary too? Upstairs, downstairs and all that.

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