Menopausal madness

The grumpy old women are back on the road, and Dillie Keane is back in the line-up. My Times review:

The franchise is well into late middle age now — 13 years have passed since Jenny Eclair and friends first went on the road with their catalogue of menopausal woes — but the concept is still in pretty good health. Yes, the script of the latest incarnation, To the Rescue, carries a bit of padding around the middle. Yet Eclair and her team instinctively know how to bond with their audience, and the return of one of the original members of the Grumpy ensemble, Dillie Keane, adds a layer of louche sophistication to the jokes about flatulence, condiments and the mysteries of internet dating. As anyone who has seen Fascinating Aïda will know, Keane is one of our finest yet most under-rated comic talents. That plummy voice can convey the squeak of authentic, four-in-the-morning distress, as well as the booming sound of the most self-satisfied of ageing alpha males.

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