I’m chief theatre critic at The Times. I started my career at West Indian World newspaper in London before joining the BBC as a News Trainee and later going freelance, mainly writing  on the arts for The Times and Sunday Times. Other work appeared in The Independent, Daily Express, New Statesman and Weekly Standard. I’ve also written and presented Radio 4 documentaries on the novelist Richard Wright and the journalist and historian William L. Shirer, author of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”.

Please note my new email address: clivedav44 AT gmail.com

Twitter: @CliveDavisUK


2 Responses to About

  1. Nick Sarker says:

    I read your article about Kamal Ahmed’s book in today’s Times. You might be interested in mixedracefaces.com, which is also on Instagram. It has been featured in the Observer

  2. Michael Apple says:

    Dear Clive Davis,
    Regarding your musings about Leopoldstadt in today’s Times. Please continue to give your candid views on theatre without worrying too much about other critics. Independence of judgement was one reason why Anne Treneman’s reviews were required reading for us and guided what theatre to book. We were rarely disappointed.
    As for Leopoldstadt, I suspect some reviewers were praising it more to confirm their abhorrence of the Holocaust than for it’s actual merits. Jewish people like myself and our Jewish friends who have seen the play felt no such obligation. None of us rated it more than mediocre and we too have been baffled by the praise of other reviews. Who, we wondered, was the play for? Those who already know the history saw it as just another account of which there are others more moving and engaging such as the personal accounts of survivors I heard recently. Those who do not already know the history will struggle, we thought, with the array of characters, rituals, prayers that confused us who should know the allusions. We had hoped for some sort of analysis of how endemic anti-Semitism became state endorsed murder. Maybe someone else has written that play, but not Tom Stoppard.
    Forgive me for contacting you on your personal email. There seems no email link at the Times and I don’t do Twitter.
    All good wishes
    Dr Michael Apple

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