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We all have our professional notion of hell. There is a tale of a writer who died and was allowed to choose between going to heaven or to hell. Cannily, she asked St Peter if she might tour both regions … Continue reading

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Rarity, Thames

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George Bernard Shaw revisited

It made quite an impression in the 1890s, but has the play aged well? My review of “Candida” at the Orange Tree: If this had been Ibsen, heaven knows what might have happened. Would the lovelorn teenage poet who falls … Continue reading

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A New Yorker cartoon from the month that Donald Trump was elected. Still true today, unfortunately…

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How does he do anything? I wondered to myself. What happens when he’s dressing, goes to the lavatory, has a bath? I followed his wife into the kitchen and asked her how, for instance, he managed to dress himself.  “It’s … Continue reading

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Marlow Bridge

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Long player

He resembles an explorer returning from a lost world. My review of David Hepworth’s hugely enjoyable history of the pop LP. When reviewers say a book feels twice as long as it actually is, they are not usually being complimentary. … Continue reading

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Rush hour, Thames

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Playing games

My radio review in The Times… Football chat from Lineker and Baker, parenting debates on the World Service and a look at how boys are faring in the age of #MeToo: Too many games, too much hype. Has anyone else … Continue reading

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St Paul’s

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