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Smooth samba

“Corra e Olhe o Céu (Run & Look to the Sky)” from her new album, “Canta Cartola”.

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This same report gives us a vivid glimpse of Mosley as a speaker: “There was a tepid welcome when Sir Oswald Mosley came. He was a lithe and catlike figure, and as he sat down smiling one thought of M. … Continue reading

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All Saints, Bisham 

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John Ellson, music man

We said goodbye to John Ellson last week. A lovely humanist service, with John Harle performing a piece by Johnny Hodges. I was one of the speakers. Here’s part of what I had to say. Thanks to all the people … Continue reading

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When John Major met Boris Yeltsin

Pithy. A  diplomatic tale from Lynn Barber’s review of Jeremy Paxman’s autobiography: JM: Well, Boris, in a word, how is Russia? BY: Good. JM: And in more than one word? BY: Not good.

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Latin tinge. Street musicians, W11.

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Less is always more

An enthralling show from Steve Gadd’s band at Ronnie Scott’s. From my Times review: When drummers are also bandleaders they tend to make a point of letting the audience know who is in charge as often as possible, courtesy of … Continue reading

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On Marlow Bridge.

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The last day has dawned. Since I drew up those statistics I have tramped an additional 114 kilometres. In a moment I am going into the garden and will cover another ten kilometres, so that I shall be ending my … Continue reading

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Miles away

It’s 25 years since he left us. Hard to believe.

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