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Some book blurbs aren’t particularly helpful. “The Slaves of Soliutude” is a wonderful novel about life on the home front in WW2, but is “funny” the first word that comes to mind? Yes, there’s a dark strand of humour, but … Continue reading

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“Independent film” brings to mind noble concepts like “integrity”, “vision”, “self-expression” and “sacrifice”. It evokes the image of struggling young filmmakers maxing out their credit cards to pay their actors and crews, who work long hours for little or no … Continue reading

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Van in vain

Not a night to remember. From my review of Van Morrison at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival: If you love vintage blues and jazz, you may have mixed feelings about Van Morrison’s desire to dig through the archives and pay homage … Continue reading

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These were the days when announcers wore dinner jackets in the evenings, and he explains this practice: “In the evening most of the people of our sort did change into dinner jackets, if they weren’t wearing white ties and going … Continue reading

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Words on parade at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

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Menopausal madness

The grumpy old women are back on the road, and Dillie Keane is back in the line-up. My Times review: The franchise is well into late middle age now — 13 years have passed since Jenny Eclair and friends first … Continue reading

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Memory hole

The most chilling sentence I’ve read in some time. From “Mao’s Great Famine”, Frank Dikötter’s book about the millions who died in The Great Leap Forward.

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